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At the point when you purchase a Glock 17, you’re additionally purchasing over 50 years of administration behind it.

The organization was established by Austrian designer Gaston Glock in 1963. The organization initially delivered steel and plastic parts, and Glock didn’t plan his first gun until after his 50th birthday celebration. What Glock needed ballistics experience he compensated for with his skill in engineered polymers, making the world’s first effective line of guns with a nonmetal, polymer outline.

The organization opened its first U.S. auxiliary in 1985, notwithstanding beginning obstruction about its “plastic weapons.” The Glock 17 adds to this inheritance, proving the organization’s case as the most mainstream line of guns for law authorization offices in America.

Become more acquainted with the Glock21

The Glock 17, intended for proficient law authorization, as indicated by the maker, is a 9×19 mm auto gun. Glock claims it is the most generally utilized law implementation gun around the world.

The firearm is 8.03 inches long, 5.43 inches tall and 1.18 inches wide. The Glock 17 weighs 32.12 ounces when stacked and 25.06 when dumped. The barrel is 1.26 creeps in tallness and 4.48 inches long, expanding 6.49 crawls between sights. The barrel rifling is correct given and hexagonal with a 9.84-inch curve. The trigger takes about 5.5 pounds of strain to push down and it goes around .49 inches. Standard magazine limit is 17 rounds. Google USA

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  1. Craig

    They’re quite darn supportive and expert. (Put in your request before 12 pm and it’s probably going to be delivered exactly the same day. It just takes me three to four days at the maximum to be sent to me… . also, I live in Rural Ontario where the mail comes in each Thursday and Tuesday) I would suggest this site.

  2. Cyril

    Thank you for a great product and we will be ordering again thats for sure

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