G48 Black Compact | 9x19mm


The G48 Compact is a gun that was developed for law enforcement and special forces. The G48 has the same quality of performance as its other counterparts, but it’s designed to be more compact so that it can be used with ease in tight spaces. This gun is lightweight and comes equipped with a laser sight which makes it very easy to use in close quarters combat situations



     glock48 – how much is a extended glock 48


Assuming you’re searching for a Glock gun that is not difficult to convey and has an alluring sticker price, then, at that point, the Glock 48 Black could be an ideal choice for you! Glock guns are notable similar to the absolute most dependable handguns in presence. The  Black accompanies a standard 15 round magazine limit, which can be expanded by one if necessary. This gun additionally includes front and back slide serrations, a Picatinny rail framework on top of the collector for mounting adornments, able to use both hands securities on the two sides of the edge, and a finished polymer hold that gives solace during shooting.


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